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Team Photo 2013

We are a women’s football team in Hong Kong with players from all over the world and of different playing experiences.  We have ladies from places near and far such as USA, Finland, France, England, Ireland, Australia, Panama and, of course, Hong Kong.  Our common purpose of participating in the beautiful game of football (or soccer to some ;P) is for enjoyment – and, of course, to win.

We train weekly and are currently playing in the HKFA league, the HKLFA 7’s league, a Spring league, an indoor 5’s league, as well as playing in many friendlies and various competitions throughout the year, both in Hong Kong and in Asia. In a nutshell, the ones that matter or where most teams compete.

Formed in 2009 as the Panthers we subsequently aligned ourselves with Goodfellas to form a new presence in the Hong Kong football community, and thereafter Panthers became GoodBellas in 2011. In 2015 the Bellas’ love affair with the Fellas came to a reluctant end but the friendship lives on, and life goes on. ;P

The Bellas enjoy training, playing and hanging out together. Many friendships have been made and kept throughout the years, including several of our players being the friend of a friend (who is a current player, ex-player no longer in HK, visiting player, non-playing friend, or other similar circumstances…). That’s the general camaraderie running in the team. We take our football seriously, improving season by season, and try to bring a stronger competitive edge to the women’s game in Hong Kong as well as an amicable atmosphere to our games.

If you are in town or soon to arrive here, and are looking to play football,  we would like to hear from you. Or, if you are interested in a friendly game. Get in touch and join us for a kick-about!

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