PhotoGrid_1410410924037Mai has been a Bella for three years and counting, she is a versatile player taking positions as left and right wing, forward and even keeper.One of the most laid-back and easy going people in the world, Mai never loses her cool playing even when she is tackled and knocked to the ground on the field.

Mai is originally from Birmingham, UK. She has been living in Hong Kong for four years. She works as an educational assistant. In her spare time, she goes hiking and to the gym to bulk up to be able to defend herself from the bullies in the field. Don’t let Mai’s small frame deceive you, she will not go down without a fight.

If Mai could have any superpower she would like the ability to teleport, so she could avoid those long  hour and a half subway rides from Tai Po and travel to exotic places like Myanmar and Sri Lanka. Mai’s skill in the kitchen limits itself to roasted potatoes, which she claims are great although no one can attest to that.  Her dream is to travel all over the world and own a successful business.




From the land of bag pipes and kilts we got the ever so calmed Jocelyn, who manages to keep her cool in the most extreme of situations on the field, except for the occasional forbidden slide tackle. Though Jocelyn has only been with us for a span of a few months, she feels like a part of the team already.

Jocelyn works as a manager of production in a company. Her work takes her to travel regularly to Mainland China and all over the world. Although originally from Scotland, as you can tell from her lovely accent (especially when the matches get rough), she lived in East London for sometime, enjoying the hipster lifestyle with a good cup’a coffee.

In her spare time, when she is not whacking balls, Jocelyn likes to play the guitar and listen to One Direction 🙂 Jos would like to have the ability to click her fingers and travel through space and time, especially after a late night party, instead a long bus ride home just *CLICK* and bed. It is her dream to one day become a famous musician (work in progress). Though Jos is going back to London for a while, we hope to see her back in HK soon 🙂




Straight from the police force, comes our crime defender and hacker catcher Joy. With her easy going persona off field and nerves of steel on the field Joy is a well rounded player and pleasure to spend time with.

Our dear “silai” has played football for several years in different teams and now it is the Bellas turn to enjoy her presence. Joy is a very active person in every sense of the word. Sitting still is not one of her many abilities. If she is not playing football, she must be hiking or wakeboarding effortlessly and with style. Or if its lunch time, she must be running her laps around Wan Chai. Don’t her healthy athletic facade misguide you, when it comes to drinking this girl can give you a run for your money.

With Joy there is never a dull moment. Her laughter is contagious and her generosity heartwarming. Joy is making her dreams come true every day, enjoying life as much as possible, making each day count.



From the hills of the HK, the Bellas received the blessing of Dr. Nic Ho, though Nic has only been studying medicine for four years, she is our go to physician. One of the youngest members of the team, Nic joined the team two years ago, but has been passionate about football since she took her first steps. Grandpa Walter instilled a deep sense of loyalty for Manchester United. To this day, Nic’s heart beats only for the Red Devils.

When Nic is not busy studying to become one of Hong Kong’s finest doctors, or kicking ball with the Bellas, she is usually submerged in a TV series binge.She can spend hours watching episodes of the Walking Dead, Orphan Black and Grey’s Anatomy. Nic is a woman of many talents from multitasking (studying while watching episodes), to cocktail mixing and high capacity liquor holding, while getting others drunker than herself.Of course, we cannot forget her superb singing skills in the car. 

If Nic could have any superpower she would like a photographic memory to avoid those long hours of cramming and be able to solely dedicate herself to drinking and TV binges. Nic’s dream is to be an orthopedic surgeon or a Manchester United sports doctor or a medical consultant for TV shows or films.  



Hungover from last night’s awesome party, we got our Irish brawler Yas. She has the wonderful ability to transform from party animal with high heels, mascara and manicured nails to GoodBellas point forward with sparkly boots and kickass demeanor and viceversa. She has an endless supply of energy that allows her to party on Saturday night til 6 am after a tough match and then recover in time for Sunday’s match.

Yas works in HK as a Nightclub Marketing Manager. She has her Master’s in International Business in Beijing where she learned to speak Mandarin. Yas has a knack to pick up languages fairly easily native in English, fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, and knowledge of Spanish and French. Her dream is to establish a successful business that is related to music and organize mind blowing music festivals. Yasmin has a real passion for all kinds of music from 80s power ballads to R&B to house.

Surprisingly, though Yas is the model example of agility and dexterity in the field, that somehow seems to escape her the moment she leaves the pitch where there awaits a world of poles and very clean windows to be walked into. Her Irish temper full with shouts, cursing and growls is another thing that gets left in the pitch. Once she is out of the match and you give her a minute to cool down, she is all fun and smiles. The thing with Yas, is you know she has your back and that goes for inside and outside the pitch.